First Official Post- A Collection of Thoughts

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2012 at 8:47 pm

Hello WordPress.

I suppose I should start off by letting people know that I am terribly technologically challenged. A good friend of mine suggested I start a blog for my upcoming travels in Scotland, and I immediately shied away from her (terrible) suggestion (I had thought at the time). Me? Write a blog? For one, only I could break my computer, send it in to get a new motherboard (3 days before its warranty (whatever that really means) ran out…), and then get it back even worse than when I had sent it in (shocker).

I must apologize, for I believe this post will be a lengthy one. I promise not to repeat it unless absolutely necessary. I don’t know if blog etiquette exists (I assume it does), and I don’t know how to properly write  a blog that will capture people’s attentions. But I suppose the best way to write this post would be to explain what the upcoming blog will entail.

Firstly, I am bored. Not like, “I finished a book and am temporarily unable to find something to do,” or “I have 30 minutes to spare before going out to dinner.” As in bored, I mean “I have been out of school since May 14th and have been refused every summer job opportunity I applied to (not that there were many places to apply to in my town…meh), and am in danger of sinking into an unmistakeable pit of despair, self-pity, and jealousy at every other Facebook friend’s glorious summers.” So, in order to combat that, I decided to take up my friend’s suggestion at a blog and try. Now, you may be thinking why wouldn’t you just sit around and find something that uses less technology and is something you are familiar with? You echo my thoughts exactly. The truth is, I cannot simply sit around. I go to the gym for 2 hours 5-6 days a week (not that it’s not doing anything), and I’ve read no less than 36 (that was thirty-six, in case you thought I was joking the first time) books since May 15th. I am clearly bored. I do have friends, I assure you, it’s just that they’re spending their summers taking summer classes out of state or enjoying fabulous internships guaranteed to get them somewhere fabulous in New York or somewhere else fabulous like that (fabulous, I must include, becuase that is EXACTLY how I view their summers. They have no opportunity to disagree.)

So, what will this blog entail? Since I decided to take my friend’s suggestion seriously this morning, I have been thinking the same thing all day today. Clearly, I possess a voracious reading appetite. In addition, I love history. So much so that if anybody says anything hurtful about it I can literally feel my heart grow heavy and tears prick at the back of my eyes (not that I would EVER let them fall). I think, as a history/English double major, these topics can be easily applied to my blog. Therefore, this is what my blog will consist of- book reviews of the novels I read this summer, accompanied by a fact or two about history (hopefully relating to the book I’m reading), accompanied with a Word of the Day (I’ve always wanted to do that). I apologize if that seems like it’s an odd, disjumbled sort of blog. I am bored, if you haven’t already realized. This blog is supposed to be temporary, as well. It should end at the beginning of September, when I go to Scotland to study for the semester (yay me!). Then, if I’m good at blogging after 3 months, and maybe a few people have read and commented on my posts, then perhaps I will take up my friend’s suggestion and keep a blog to update my friends and kilt-lovers how my life is going at St Andrews University.


Ok, now I have to figure out how to post this…. (I can hear my imaginary readers laughing at this. I told you, I really don’t understand technology! I was REALLY born in a different century. Like, earlier than the 20th century, in which I was “technically” born).


  1. A blog about your trip to Scotland would be terrific. With lots of pictures, please.

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