Oreo’s & Peanut Butter! Credits to the Parent Trap

In A History on July 8, 2012 at 12:13 pm

Last night The Parent Trap (1998) played on Hallmark. It doesn’t matter what is going on around me; if that movie is on TV, I’m watching it. My father could try and wrestle the remote out of my hands…but he wouldn’t succeed. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion both he and my 18 year old brother secretly love the movie, because both of them came into the family room and watched it animatedly with me. They wouldn’t have done that if it was, say, Pride and Prejudice. They would have definitively run in the opposite direction (men have no taste in movies. Hmph.).

Honestly, The Parent Trap would by my absolute most favorite movie in the whole entire world if Pride and Prejudice hadn’t taken over that spot in 2006 and refused to leave. So, it will have to be satisfied with remaining as my second most absolute favorite movie in the whole entire world. When that movie came out I was really young, only a few years past being a toddler. I’m sure I saw the movie quite soon after it was released, too. If you ask any girl around my age or Lohan’s age in the movie, I’d bet we would all say we’d seen it. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t like it. What about you, readers? Do any of you not like it? And HOW COULD YOU NOT POSSIBLY LOVE IT ARE YOU CRAZY? I mean, please let me know why. I will be respectful of your opinion. Promise.

Please allow me to list the ways The Parent Trap influenced my life more drastically than any media or pop song could ever have accomplished:

  1. Oreo’s and Peanut Butter: Best. Combination. Ever. I grew up with my mother NEVER once buying Oreo’s. Or Skippy peanut butter (which Hallie uses in the movie). It was all natural PB for us. BUT. My best friend since birth conveniently lived across the street, and, even more conveniently, had a mother who bought Jiff peanut butter and Oreo’s every week. I swear, every time I went to her house we HAD to eat some Oreo’s and PB, and this we took directly from The Parent Trap. Of that I am positive.

“Oh, sure, I love Oreo’s. At home I eat them with…I eat them with peanut butter.”
“You do? That is so weird. So do I!”
“You’re kidding! Most people find that totally disgusting.”
“I know, I don’t get it.”
“Me either.”

  1. Dress Up: When said best friend and I decided to play dress up and what not, our favorite combinations were either Mary Kate and Ashley or Hallie and Annie. I was Annie. Every single time. My best friend was always Hallie. We loved how each twin were our personalities. I was (am) the rather uptight, proper, girly-girl introvert. My friend was the tom-boy, the free spirit, the extrovert. It was something we never had to fight about. I never wanted to play Hallie and she never wanted to play Annie. And when you’re young, you really don’t want to fight with your best friend over which character you want to play with!
  2. Idealized vision of camp: I HATED summer camp. With a strong and undying passion. My parents thought it was fun to ship me off to week long summer camps every year, and I hated it. It wasn’t because of home sickness (I’ve never had that). It was more of the fact that I couldn’t simply stay home with my friends, I had to sleep in a bed not my own, I had to wear flip flops in the shower, daddy long-legs lived everywhere, and I never felt clean. Yes, I was a bit obsessive and OCD and slightly germophobic (I struggled with this majorly in high school and I owe it entirely to being forced to attend summer camp). But I always wished it would be like Camp Walden. Every single time I would imagine meeting great lifelong friends, laughing the entire time, learning how to fence, and to play a prank that massive and absolutely brilliant, which leads me to..
  3. PRANKS: I think every child goes through a major prank phase in their lifetime. I know I certainly did, as well as my friends. We did the typical finger in a bowl of water, foam on heads, and such. But deep down I always wanted to pull a prank of Hallie’s magnitude. It was a secret and delicious desire of mine. I wanted to pour a bucket of something over someone’s head when they opened the door. I wanted to pour honey all over a friend while she slept (or a frenemy). I think it was secretly every girl’s dream to create a prank that great. I mean, I totally respect them. That was amazing. I still think it’s amazing, and a small part of me reminiscent of my childhood wishes I could have achieved a prank even near that awesome.
  4. England: I can’t remember when I started loving England more than America (I know, I still feel guilty…) but I know that The Parent Trap influenced it. The part where Hallie as Annie is staring out of the car, mesmerized, at Big Ben and the bridge with the blue on it (I can’t remember the name now!) was what I dreamed of doing one day. I finally visited London in 2002 and I recognized that bridge purely from The Parent Trap.
  5. Fashion: Annie’s shoes as she stepped out of that limousine for the first time: jaw dropping. I absolutely adored those shoes! I know now they’re a bit outdated and I’d probably look like an aging spinster if I wore them now, but Annie’s style certainly influenced how I dressed growing up. I never shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch. Never American Eagle. Or Limited Too. No, I was a Talbot’s girl, a Nordstrom’s girl when I grew older. And I owe that without a doubt to Annie and her impeccable, sophisticated, English wardrobe. Headbands, too. I started wearing them after this movie. Annie wears them a lot in a movie. I hope they never go out of fashion.
  6. Wedding soundtrack: When I say I’m playing the entire Parent Trap soundtrack at my wedding (if that ever comes…), I’m dead serious. Completely. And I know every girl there my age would appreciate it completely! Sorry not sorry!
  7. October 11th: It’s one of my favorite dates. No, I’m serious. I do have favorite dates. October is my favorite month, Halloween is my favorite holiday, fall is my favorite season, I want a daughter born in October. 3 sets of ancestors in my family were married on October 10th of different years (weird, right?) and I’ve always said that I’ll either marry on the 10th or the 11th– because of The Parent Trap. I don’t go to far as one of my friends does to make a public announcement on social media every October 11th that it’s Annie and Hallie’s birthday, buuuut I may be thinking it.
  8. Happiness: That movie makes me happy without a fail. My parents are together and have been for 25 years, so it’s not wistful thinking at the character’s stories. It’s just a happy movie. Great soundtrack (come on. L.O.V.E. is probably one of the most amazing songs in the whole universe), adorable characters (save for Meredith Blake. Ew.), a creative plot– the list goes on. Not to mention that it’s during the 90’s, the epitome of my childhood. My best memories happen in the 90’s. I don’t even cringe at the fashion displayed in that movie because I’m too happy watching it and reminiscing to bother. The Parent Trap is the epitome of nostalgia to me. I became closer to my friends in high school because we talked about it the first conversation we had. It’s like something all of us have together, a common connection, like being compelled to dance to “I Want it That Way” or remembering Disney as it used to be.
  9. Cuppy: I have a bunny similar to Cuppy named Bun Bun (I can’t believe I’m publishing this in public). I actually have a friend a year older than me who named her bunny Cuppy after the movie, and who actually looks just like the bunny in the movie. But actually, is Cuppy a bunny?? I always assumed so because I associated it with my stuffed bunny. Hmm….
  10. Line quoting: I literally don’t do this with any other movie, including the Proposal and Pride and Prejudice. There’s just something about shouting out “I have class and you don’t,” “I…am Annie,” “butt naked,” “it’s a horrid habit!” “sure you’ll help me. Right over a cliff you’ll help me,” and “hello, pet! You may call me Aunt Vicky!” I’ll stop now. If I continue I’ll end up quoting the entire movie. And my family, who would normally shout at me to shut up, leaves me alone. I think they realize how much The Parent Trap means to me.
  11. Lindsay Lohan was my favorite actress. For a long, long time. I mean, she’s not now…that’d be weird. But when I was a little girl I loved her. But before that…
  12. The twins were one person?! I didn’t even learn it until I was probably eleven or twelve, but I remember feeling SO SAD. Lindsay Lohan played both Hallie and Annie?? So sad. Even though I never really got completely over it, I loved Lohan anyway.
  13. An undying desire to perfect the special dance Annie and Martin do. Seriously. Have anybody ever mastered it? I need to rewind it over and over again and, of course, have somebody to practice it with me, but how cool would it be to do that with a person in a crowded area??

I’m already feeling like a child again 🙂

  1. All I can say is YES. I am so glad someone understands. And I have yet to try Oreos & PB, but it’s happenin’. I just watched The Parent Trap last night…I have weird moments where something suddenly makes me think of a movie & I just have to watch it. Yesterday something made me think of the London house & Elizabeth James, so I watched it. I am such a movie person though. LOVED reading this!

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